Re-Purposing Our Staff At Our ACOs, Hospitals, and Clinics For COVID-19

In this time of crisis, hospital administrators, nurses, doctors, and all support services are the true heroes on the front lines of a crucial battle.

Inspired by our hospital and clinic partners’ courage, HealthPark and HPHTransport have been proud to pitch in where we can. The sayings “our valets do more than park cars” and “our NEMT drivers do more than drive shuttles” have never been more appropriate. Today, we have largely re-purposed our staff at our hospitals and clinics and are providing an array of additional “support” services to fill in where our hospitals and clinics need help. Whether it is manning the reception desk, screening visitors, assisting the security department, or delivering food and medications to patients, we are filling in where our hospitals and clinics most need our support.

We owe our hospital and clinic partners our utmost gratitude for their courage and we are proud to be a part of the solution.

Screen visitors

Valet Security