Patient Transportation
for Healthcare Organizations

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Removing Transportation Barriers
Keeping your Patients Healthy and Happy

Social Determinants of Health account for up to 90% of the factors regarding population health outcomes for Accountable
Care Organizations. Lack of access to transportation to healthcare is a serious challenge for patients—over three million
adults miss or delay medical appointments annually due to transportation barriers. The ability to provide Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Programs is a key component to ensure that patients receive their preventative care.

HPH's NEMT programs provide a superior consumer-driven service that enhances a patient’s end-to-end connected
healthcare journey. We offer a cost-effective transportation model, and unlike other ride-hailing or
broker-based scheduling companies, continually provides a positive patient experience.

We are solely healthcare-focused and dedicated to improving patient access to care. While our healthcare system,
medical clinic, behavioral health center, and ACO partners focus on the best clinical care and outcomes, HPH provides
a warm environment that safeguards patients' happiness and well-being—enhancing the patient experience.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Benefits of Outsourcing Valet Parking

We promote your organization with customized vinyl vehicle wraps. Your brand arriving at patients’ front doors offers familiarity, comfort, security, and peace of mind.

As as a powerful advertising tool, this visual builds awareness and expands marketing reach in your community.

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Our hands-on lead drivers optimize shuttle and van usage to accommodate the most possible patient round-trip rides. We work closely with your facility to adjust our service hours based on your patients’ appointment needs, helping to decrease operating costs. HPH also manages the operational hard costs of payroll and taxes and soft cost responsibilities of hiring and managing drivers.

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A precise number of drivers and vehicles are assigned solely to your facility based on your scheduling, volume, same-day appointments, and patient wait times. On average, the investment of providing four round-trip patient rides per day lowers your long-term operational costs while also helping to keep your patients from experiencing worse health outcomes.

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Our drivers are naturally caring, friendly, and solution-oriented people. We train them how to carefully assist your patients when entering and exiting our vehicles. We teach our drivers to be proactive and ensure the patient’s transportation experience is pleasant and top-notch. Our passion for service is apparent each and every day as we ensure the safety of your patients.

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Our proven real-time GPS and vehicles’ front- and rear-facing cameras continually monitor for patient’s locations and safety. HPH’s operations team compiles your appointment data and analyzes it to make real-time adjustments, further enhancing your NEMT experience for your patients.

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“We trust HPH to provide cost effective, efficient, and reliable NEMT service for our patients. Their drivers are always courteous, pleasant, and helpful.”


Clinic Administrator