Why HPH Transport?

With over 25 years of experience and helping over 120 healthcare organizations, the simple answer is ensure that patients show up for their medical appointments. Whether it’s radiation treatment, diabetes prevention, diagnostic services, physical therapy, dialysis, mental health counseling, or comorbidity preventative care—we
transport your patients for safe arrival at your healthcare facility.

HPH helps to eliminate the expenses associated with late arrivals and missed appointments that drain your time, resources, and budget. As your patient volumes fluctuate, value-based payment demands rise, and your healthcare facility staff is strained, we strive to relieve your operational and financial stress.

HPH does not leave your patients stranded. Our drivers pick up your patients, arrive on time, and we return patients to their homes. We listen to your patients, treat them with courtesy, and ensure their safety when helping them to enter and exit our shuttles and vans. Our drivers strive to provide positive experiences to your physically-challenged and elderly patients and to those
who are suffering from chronic diseases, behavioral disorders, and cognitive impairment.

Improve Population Health Management

Our transportation model serves as an important component of value-based care road maps for public health agencies, patient-centered medical homes, ACOs, and healthcare insurance companies. We navigate and solve the transportation obstacles for your healthcare facility and help:

  • Remedy patients' dependence on others for rides and public transportation
  • Narrow care gaps and facilitate better coordination of medical services
  • High-risk patients avoid unexpected emergency department visits and hospital readmissions
  • Support community-based clinical prevention and the advancement of better health strategies

Increase Productivity

While your staff is focusing on better outcomes, let us handle transporting your patients. We serve your healthcare organization by:

  • Reducing no-shows
  • Decreasing canceled appointments
  • Preventing late arrivals
  • Avoiding the domino effect of one late patient delaying subsequent appointments
  • Ensuring less clinical staff downtime due to waiting for late patients

Safe-Patient Technology

Our NEMT technology helps to meet your patients’ expectations of an end-to-end connected healthcare experience:

  • Location monitoring via real-time GPS tracking
  • Front- and rear-facing vehicle cameras to ensure safety
  • Patients feel secure and protected during their trips, encouraging adherence to their appointments
  • Greater patient engagement and retention

Reduce Overall Costs

Our NEMT solutions offer operating transparency and we transport more patients by utilizing our data-based staffing model and operational expertise:

  • Lead drivers utilize optimal shuttle and van usage to accommodate more patient round trips
  • Full-time and part-time drivers’ hours are adjusted based on patient appointment demand
  • Your patients’ transportation needs are accommodated with the precise number of daily drivers

Engaged Patients

HPH provides a pleasant and positive experience for your vulnerable patients. We start by hiring naturally courteous, helpful, and friendly people. At our HealthPark University, we train them to be highly-engaged drivers. Our associates help to reduce stress and are committed to helping your patients by offering a professional and caring tone while providing transportation to them.

We offer caring interactions that help to improve appointment adherence by:

  • Providing every patient with a warm greeting and pleasant farewell
  • Physically assisting patients with entering and exiting our vehicles
  • Ensuring patients safely arrive inside and when leaving your healthcare facility

“Our patients struggle with securing transportation to their appointments. Without HPH, they wouldn’t arrive for their medical care.”


Medical Center Coordinator