Patient Focused and Technology Driven

Lack of Access to Transportation is a Critical Social Determinate of Health
HPH Removes this Barrier for your Patients with our On-Demand Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Non Emergency Medical Transportation Technology

Clinic sends daily patient appointment schedule to our lead drivers

Non Emergency Medical Transportation Technology One

Lead drivers receive schedule notifications and coordinate all drivers' schedules

Non Emergency Medical Transportation Technology Two

Drivers pick up patients at their homes

Non Emergency Medical Transportation Technology Three

Patients are driven to your clinic

Non Emergency Medical Transportation Technology Five

Drivers transport patients to their homes


Real-time GPS monitoring of vehicles

Clinic Sends Daily Patient Appointment Schedule To Our Lead Drivers

  • Via desktop or phone, your staff communicates the day’s schedule to HPH
  • We manage the logistics of ensuring your patients arrive on time for their medical care
  • Our solution is simple and hassle-free for your administrators and clinicians

Lead Drivers Receive Schedule Notifications And Coordinate All Drivers’ Schedules

  • Regularly scheduled abatement procedures ensure that our vans and shuttles are disinfected
  • Properly equipped vehicles with ramps and wheelchair lifts are assigned accordingly so patients are transported safely and correctly
  • Our transparent, streamlined operations feature cost-effective trip routes to lower your costs

Drivers Pick Up Patients At Their Homes

  • Our designated drivers are familiar with your patients and pay close attention to their needs
  • Patients are carefully escorted into our vehicles and assisted with their wheelchairs, walkers,
    and crutches
  • Clean vehicles, safety procedures, and friendly drivers offer your organization peace of mind

Patients Are Driven To Your Clinic

  • Our designated drivers know your facility’s staff and exceed their expectations
  • Patients are assisted into your facility, ensuring safe arrival inside the correct building
  • On-time appointment arrivals improve your patient flow and minimize patient wait times

Drivers Transport Patients To Their Homes

  • Patients are carefully assisted out of our vehicles by our drivers
  • Safeguards are taken to confirm that patients reach their front doors
  • Our professional drivers and enforced safety guidelines help to ensure that your patients receive their preventative care

Real-Time GPS Vehicle Monitoring

  • HPH constantly tracks all our vans and shuttles during their routes
  • Your staff knows the locations of your patients during their rides to and from your facility
  • Your patients feel safe, secure, and protected—so they show up for their appointments

“Once we send our appointment schedule, HPH handles the rest of the communication with our patients so that they arrive for their preventative care.”


ACO Chronic Care Manager