Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

HPH puts your facility and brand first to design a customized cost-effective NEMT service that will ultimately improve your bottom line; reducing your clinical downtime and improving patient throughput. Our dedicated drivers accommodate your physically-challenged and able-bodied patients, helping to ensure that
underserved populations do not miss their medical appointments. HPH’s vehicles are
specially-equipped to meet your organization’s requirements and patients’ needs.


HPH adapts to and accommodates your facility’s and patients’ needs. We are in constant communication with your staff so that your clinical operations are not disrupted. We are not a third-party dispatch service, HPH ensures that your facility and patients always have top priority:

  • Immediately accessible—HPH offers personal drivers for your patients
  • On-going communication, we call your clinic when patients are running late for their appointments
  • When appointments are forgotten, we intervene and manage the communication with your patients on your behalf; calling with reminders and proceeding to their homes to pick them up
  • Your clinic can adjust their operations in real-time rather than waiting for late patients or no shows

Branded Vehicles

HPH properly represents your facility with our customized vinyl vehicle wraps. This special brand-centric option offers:

  • Professional looking branded vehicles that communicate that you care about your patients and ensure that their transportation service is safe and secure
  • Local targeted advertising
  • An effective passive tool to expand your brand
  • A wider reach to your audience of healthcare consumers

ADA-Compliant Vehicles

HPH eliminates the painful task of your vulnerable patients trying to secure transportation to their appointments. We also help to alleviate their stress by removing confusion and accommodating any challenges for them during their trips to and from their medical care.

Our easily modified vans and shuttles offer:

  • Non-skid ramps for safer access
  • Power wheelchair lifts for handicapped entrance
  • Side-entry accessibility for easier sidewalk approach
  • Easy pedestrian entrance for able-bodied passengers and those using walkers

Safe-Patient Technology

Our NEMT technology (link to technology page) helps to meet your patients’ expectations of an end-to-end connected healthcare experience:

  • Location monitoring via real-time GPS tracking
  • Front- and rear-facing vehicle cameras to ensure safety
  • Patients feel secure and protected during their trips, encouraging adherence to their appointments

Dedicated Drivers

We start by hiring naturally courteous, helpful, and solution-oriented people to be our drivers. And prior to joining HPH, they must pass comprehensive background checks to help ensure a safe and secure environment for your patients and clinic. We consistently assign the same drivers to your facility. Knowing your drivers provides familiarity, strengthens the lines of communication, and provides comfort to your staff and patients. HPH trains our drivers extensively on how to safely use all of the equipment on our customizable fleet of vehicles.

Our drivers take special care to:

  • Properly extend ramps and operate wheelchair lifts on our vans and shuttles
  • Carefully transfer your patients when entering and exiting our vehicles
  • Assist your patients to ensure they safely arrive inside and depart your healthcare facility