“We don’t know how we did this without HealthPark.”
– Healthcare System COO

Our attendants are managing and expediting the traffic flow process by setting up additional lanes and directing thousands of vehicles, helping to increase patient throughput. We are positively engaging with patients by communicating healthcare facility-issued scripts and providing information handouts. Our associates are also helping to reduce patient’s frustrations by clearly setting expectations, informing them about wait times, and providing on-going updates.

HealthPark is closely coordinating with hospital, medical center, and clinic administrators to customize their drive-thru testing process to their exacting needs. While ensuring adherence to required HIPAA privacy protections, specific examples of our process flow improvements include:
• Directing vehicles with multiple occupants requiring COVID-19 tests to specific lanes
• Verifying with patients that they have their provider’s authorization
• Confirming with patients that they have their healthcare insurance cards
• Compiling patient information and physically or electronically forwarding it to clinicians
– Obtaining patients’ names and birth dates
– Collecting driver licenses and completing the pre-test preparation of matching licenses to license plates
– Physically delivering and stacking driver licenses and matched plate information to clinicians so nasal swabs can begin immediately

Our process improvements at healthcare facility drive-thru testing sites have resulted in:
• Ensuring that nurses, technicians, and the security staff focus on their areas of expertise
• Lowering stress for clinical and administrative staff, as well as patients
• Reducing patients’ wait times by 25%

Despite the upcoming cold weather in many parts of the US, healthcare facilities will continue to offer drive-thru testing. Patients will be tested as part of their pre-operating procedures as they hope to have their elective surgeries completed by the end of this calendar year. Testing will also be in high demand as patients will continue to present COVID-19 symptoms and people will want to be tested prior to gathering for the approaching holidays.

Whether your healthcare facility offers free testing or requires healthcare insurance coverage, HealthPark is happy to manage your drive-thru COVID-19 testing process. For more information about how to increase your patient throughput and reduce traffic congestion, please contact us at hello@healthparkhospitality.com