HealthParkSAFE — Our commitment to your healthcare facility, staff, and patients regarding our sanitization, disinfection, and decontamination protocols.

Introducing HealthParkSAFE
We have been diligently implementing our HealthParkSAFE COVID-19 protocols to help keep all of your patients, guests, and staff safe at your healthcare facility. Our management, along with our caring and compassionate team of valet and non-emergency medical transportation associates have researched and mapped out our pandemic plan to ensure that we properly support your safety protocols. We appreciate your valued feedback we have received regarding how we can carefully move ahead to support your ACOs, healthcare systems, hospitals, and clinics.

As our services are now ramping up again and re-commencing, here is an overview of our strategy moving forward to best support your pandemic plan.

All HealthPark and HPHTransport team members are wearing the appropriate PPE and, whenever possible, adhering to physical distancing procedures. We are now utilizing the best-in-class sanitization procedures at our healthcare facility sites and across all of the different services we are providing. For our Non-Emergency Medical Transportation vehicles, we are using commercial decontaminating practices, including vehicle fogging. We also require strict compliance to our hand washing, sanitizing, and cleaning rules. We wipe down and disinfect door handles, steering wheels, shifter knobs, and vehicle keys. We disinfect our equipment and devices as well as wheelchairs. The frequency of our cleaning duties now occurs numerous times per hour.

We are closely monitoring CDC guidelines, following federal COVID-19 developments, and listening to state and local governments concerning re-opening guidelines. Our commercial sanitization partner has trained our team and continues to advise our associates regarding the best overall sanitizing and vehicle decontamination practices. We are ensuring that we have the highest possible standards in place to collectively support the healthcare community. We will continue to do our best to help safeguard your facility staff and your patients regarding the delivery of and access to medical care.

Together with our healthcare administrators and HealthPark and HPHTransport associates, we are working carefully to continue to provide positive experiences and a safe environment for your staff, patients, and visitors. Being part of the solution gives all of our team members a tremendous sense of pride. We look forward to being helpful as you navigate the upcoming developments in this challenging new healthcare landscape and being supportive as you weather your short-term challenges and develop long-term post-pandemic strategic plans.